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pfSense on Microsoft Hyper-V

I typically create an internal network on Hyper-V for my testing/lab environment. I like to use pfSense as a “firewall” between that internal network and the outside world. Microsoft has supported FreeBSD running as a guest on Hyper-V since May 2012. pfSense runs on a FreeBSD base, so it should have these supported drivers for Hyper-V. Unfortunately, pfSense 2.1 doesn't include the required drivers, so we're still stuck with Legacy NICs and other weird issues when pfSense runs as a Hyper-V guest. It is very unfortunate that an otherwise rock-solid fantastic firewall distribution would contain such an omission… Maybe I'll have to test some “Linux” based firewall products…

So, if you want to configure a pfSense Hyper-V guest, you'll have to stick with the 100Mbps limitation of the Legacy NICs and a little bit of time synchronization funkiness due to the Hyper-V Host CPUs entering into low power mode and pfSense not handling this all that well, resulting in a number of “calcru: runtime went backwards” error messages.

Installing pfSense - Create a Generation 1 Hyper-V Guest with one CPU, 512MB RAM, - Add two 2 Legacy NICs (de0 and de1). I usually assign de0 to the internal network and de1 to the external network. - Disable the Time Synchronization option. - Make a 4GB fixed VHDX file and assign the pfSense ISO as the DVD. - Start the VM - Choose the option to install to HDD and select the “easy” install. - Remove the ISO after the install and before the reboot happens. - After doing the initial network configuration, you'll need to open pfSense's console and select the shell option:

echo "ifconfig de0 down" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "ifconfig de0 up" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "ifconfig de1 down" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "ifconfig de1 up" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "kill `cat /var/run/`" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "dhclient de1"  >> /etc/rc.local
echo "sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=TSC" >> /etc/sysctl.conf
chmod +rx /etc/rc.local
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