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From time to time, I work on “public” projects that I've posted on various public source control sites. I also maintain a CI Server for these projects.


Projects in an active status are being developed, and expanded to bring new features. Releases will be common.

  • ToolKit - A library of reusable classes and abstractions to make writing code easier.
  • SuggestionBox - An anonymous electronic suggestion box to allow comments/suggestions/Q&A posts that can responded to and liked.


Projects in a stable status are supported, but are considered to currently meet all known needs. Releases may still occur, but they will be smaller and incremental updates and/or bug fixes.

  • choco-packages - A collection of Chocolatey NuGet packages.
  • nuget-packages - A collection of packaging scripts for third-party libraries that don't have NuGet packages on the public feed.
  • scripts-powershell - My PowerShell profile scripts and custom modules
  • scripts-binaries - Scripts and aliases for system and user tasks.
  • scripts-development - Scripts and aliases for development tasks.
  • scripts-misc - A project to hold various publicly released scripts that I've written and/or modified.


Projects in an incubating status are not stable, their APIs may substantially change, or the project may be terminated entirely if it is decided the project lack support, fail to address the need, or that there are better solutions in the marketplace.

  • None currently


Projects in an inactive status are no longer supported or developed.

  • None currently
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