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Install RavenDB Server

  1. Open RavenDB Downloads in a web browser.
    1. Download the “Production Release” for a production installation.
    2. Download the “Development Release” for a development installation.
  2. Click on the “ZIP Archive” link to download the binaries.
  3. Extract ZIP file to C:\Program Files\RavenDB
  4. Make data directory if it doesn't already exist mkdir C:\data
  5. Open C:\Program Files\RavenDB\Server\Raven.Server.exe.config and make the following changes:
    • Add “Raven/IndexStoragePath” to “C:\data\raven\Indexes”
    • Add “Raven/CompiledIndexCacheDirectory” to “C:\data\raven\CompiledIndexCache”
    • Change “Raven/Port” value to “9020”
    • Change “Raven/DataDir” value to “C:\data\raven\System”
    • Add “Raven/Esent/LogsPath” to “C:\data\raven\Logs”
  6. Start RavenDB one time to verify everything is good.
    "C:\Program Files\RavenDB\Server\Raven.Server.exe" --debug --browser
  7. After Raven Studio opens, create a test database.
  8. Validate that everything is in the right place and that there are no errors.
  9. Type “q” and press enter to stop the RavenDB Server
  10. Install as Service
    "C:\Program Files\RavenDB\Server\Raven.Server.exe" /install
  11. On a development machine, change the service to be manual
    sc config ravendb start= demand
  12. On a development machine, stop the service unless you need it immediately:
    sc stop ravendb
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