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These are terms that I may/may not use on my site…

Programming Acronyms

AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
CI Continuous Integration (see also CruiseControl.Net)
DI Dependency Injection (see also MSDN)
DRY Don't Repeat Yourself - aka Once and Only Once - no duplicate code or information.
MVC Model View Controller (see also recent videos of MS MVC Framework)
MVP Model View Presenter (also, Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award)
TDD Test Driven Development - aka Test First Development. See also MSDN
YAGNI You Ain't Gonna Need It - Agile development practice suggesting you build only what you need right now.

Object-Oriented Programming

(adapted from Wikipedia:

Class Defines the abstract characteristics of a thing. Class Names should be nouns. Components of a class include: A thing's characteristics (attributes, fields, properties), A thing's behaviors or thing it can do (methods, operations) FIXME
Encapsulation Encapsulation conceals the functional details of a class.
Inheritance A class that inherits another class are usually specialized versions of the parent class. This sub-class inherit attributes and behaviors from their parent classes, and can introduce their own.
Polymorphism Polymorphism allows you to treat derived class members just like their parent class' members.
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