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Remove the "No Valid Subscription" message

Proxmox 3.1 has implemented a new repository setup and switched to a subscription model. Each time you log into Proxmox 3.1 a dialogue box pops up with the message:

You do not have a valid subscription for this server. Please visit to get a list of available options.

One way to remove the message is to purchase a subscription from the Proxmox team. The fact of the matter is, I started using Proxmox as a free and open source tool and I expected it to stay that way. Had I known a subscription element would have been introduced, I would likely have chosen another platform.

To resolve this, you can make a slight change to the code to remove the dialogue box from appearing. This is allowed under the License (aGPLv3) used for Proxmox. You'll have to re-apply it after each update if you get updates. Open a SSH session to the Proxmox host to edit the pvemanagerlib.js file:

First, make a backup of the file:

cp /usr/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js /usr/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js_BKP

Then open the file using a text editor, vi for example.

vi /usr/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js

Currently on line 519 of the file, however it may change with future updates, there is a line similar to below;

if (data.status !== 'Active') {

This line is doing the check to see if your subscription status is not ‘Active’. This needs to be changed to return false to stop the subscription message from being shown.

if (false) {

And that annoying little popup will be a thing of the past!

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