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Set an Email Address on Specific Repositories

When I work with some clients or employers, they will sometimes provide me with an email address to identify me within their system and source control. If they provide the computer to work on and keep a local repository, I'll have their identity configured on that computer as global identity. Sometimes, they do not provide a computer or I'll work on the code on one of my personal computers in addition to their computer. In those cases, I don't want my personal identity to show up on the commit history of their repository since they've taken the time to create an identity for me. Git provides an easy way to specify an email address on a per repository basis.

To set the email address (identity) in a specific repository, use the following commands while in the local repository directory:

git config "Julian Easterling"
git config ""

Alternatively, you can edit the .git/config file manually and add the required information under the [user] heading:

	repositoryformatversion = 0
	filemode = false
	bare = false
	logallrefupdates = true
	symlinks = false
	ignorecase = true
	hideDotFiles = dotGitOnly
[remote "origin"]
	url =
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
	remote = origin
	merge = refs/heads/master
	name = Julian Easterling
	email =
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